Creationism is a science? (HA!)

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I’ve always had a couple contentions with creationism. For one thing it seems most creationists who want their beliefs to be considered a science don’t know much about science at all.  They say all things must have a designer, then who designed the designer? If it’s possible for some God to exist without a creator responsible for him how hard is it to believe that energy and atoms have always been in existence in the cycle of the big bang and the big crunch? Carbon dating is faulty you say? then why is it that we can carbon date mummies and the dates of death line up with historical records? Evolution isn’t real you postulate, well let me ask you this: do you believe people can pass on genetic traits to children? If so, do you believe if two tall people copulate their offspring will most likely be tall? What if we lived in an enviornment where the only food source was high above our heads and you can only reach food if you’re above a certain height, doesn’t that mean most likely short people will die out and people will gradually become taller? 
evolution-diagram_op_800x467.jpg      Keep in mind that is a hypothetical and simplified situation. But with fossil records that show organs and tissues becoming more complex, and transitory animals alive today such as amphibians which illustrate how animals first left the ocean, or how sponges show the jump from a colony of cells such as volvox to a creature with division of labor, we have the pieces to show the progression of animals to higher functioning creatures. But hey, it’s only a theory, and it’s only taught as a theory. But too many people don’t know enough about science to know what a theory really is. Galileo’s theory of the earth revolving around the sun is widely accepted. A theory is simply a hypothesis which can be tested and debated. You cannot test intelligent design.  Why is evolution taught? Because it has a basis in science. Why shouldn’t creationism be taught? Because it has basis in religion. You want your kid to learn about all the options, let them learn about science in school and then take them to church to learn about creationism. Don’t force it down the rest of our collective throats. I am an atheist, but not because I believe in evolution. The bible actually supports the idea of things slowly coming into existence, a day in heaven actually equal a few millennia on earth according to the bible, multiply that by seven and you have new creatures coming into creation out of God tinkering with genetics. Hell, think of God as an artist. As an artist sketches he lays out simple definitions of shape, then he alsters and adds new lines and perspective that leads to the finished product.The reason I came to be an atheist was when I researched ecumenical councils which edited the bible, and the last straw was when I read about how God ordered his people to slaughter the midiantites as well as their infant children, and had them only spare the daughters to rape(Numbers 31:15-18). I also wonder why a God who commanded thou shalt not kill ordered the destruction of so many people so that the Israelites may take their land.   The God of the Bible also allows selling your daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:1-11), child abuse (Judges 11:29-40 and Isaiah 13:16), and bashing babies against rocks (Hosea 13:16 Psalms 137:9). Surely a merciful and loving God I read about in bible school couldn’t be so cruel, therefore I reject the Bible’s God and until I find one who seems real and is not binding people to worship him out of fear I’ll flock right to him. time to celebrate life and try to make it as wonderful as I can for those around me as well. I will be a good and moral person because I choose to make it my character, not out of fear of retribution. Now let’s allow Penn and Teller to give this a beautiful ending. Gotta love B.S.  



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Possibly some of the best modern comic art has been accomplished in Europe, and the ink of T. Liberatore is no exception. The story of Ranx, the ultraviolent xerox machine cyborg, and his underage heroin addicted lover Lubna become great fodder for the pages of Heavy Metal Magazine. The stream of consciousness story lines pit Ranx against telepaths, art critics, homicidal street gangs, and Ranx even takes on the role of Fred Astaire for a broadway production in a scheme to make cash. Ranxerox in bed   How they were able to publish it in the states I’ll never know.Ranxerox fan mayhem My only wish is that someone would publish this in trade paper back for a new generation of fans. I have to rely on old stacks of Heavy Metal stashed in my elder brother’s closet. Some homage can be seen in Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled, both in style, the attire of the characters, blatant satire, and ultraviolence. One might say it hinges on plagiarism.  Hard Boiled                       Interest in Ranxerox, however, seems to still exist as director Chris Cunningham has expressed interest in doing a movie based on the comic. Chris Cunningham is known for his music videos including Come To Daddy, Rubber Johnny, and Windowlicker. Here’s an example of his work: Sadly the project seems dead as of late. If anyone has information further on this subject I’d be happy to hear it. 

New low quality photos of paintings

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I’ll get better versions of these as soon as I can. They look pretty washed out in this light. Rokuro KubiRokuro KubiIf you can’t tell this is a painting of a rokuro kubi. This is acrylic. It’s the cover to the second issue of a comic I’m working on now. I’m going to move onto oils next. Not bad for a sixteen year old, eh?

Hate Korea Wave

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I’ve always been a little bit bothered by the unapologetic xenophobia of some of the Japanese people. No Westerners signs adorn a lot of the sex shops (Not that I would go into a sex shop, I think paying for sex is abhorrent, but to be shot down before even making a proposition is pretty disheartening. ) I sometimes take it with a grain of salt and just write it off as folksy racism of the older generation. But then a few years ago I found a book online called Hate Korea Wave.

Hate Korea Wave  

It had apparently been published at the zenith of a Korean culture wave in Japan due to some popular imported dramas. Written by an ultra-neocon mangaka the book is a debate between Japanese students and Korean students on the merits of each country. The first thing that surprised me were the arbitrary and racist caricatures of the Korean students. It’s as if the author was pretending only south eastern asians have traits of the classic visage you can find in Tex Avery cartoons. The next thing that got me was how illiterate it came across. Rather than manufacture any real facts it just gave a plethora of sound bytes. Bemusedly glazing over the whole holocaust thing.It’s as if the author got amnesia and forgot about the Chinese Nanking massacre (or Nanking rape, as conservative estimates have it over 200,000 women were raped by Japanese soldiers, not to mention the beheading of countless children and other civilians) as well as comfort women and other assorted abuses and terror the japanese soldiers reigned down upon the land.One panel exclaims “”It’s not an exaggeration to say Japan built the South Korea of today!”Blind nationalism much? Sure you rebuilt it. After tearing it down, killing innocent children and raping countless women. Way to go Chan Coulter. It doesn’t help that the book was number one on Japanese Amazon, and you just know it’s geared towards children.If you want to read about some of the atrocities commited you can look here’s not that I dislike the Japanese people, and I know not all of them are racist. But the institutionalized doctrine of prejudice is almost nightmarish. The fact that Hirhito remained in power until his death in 1989 after the savage war crimes he committed is testament enough to the disgusting attitude some citizens held and still hold. To allow this totalitarian nazi remain in power until 1989 and deny the terrible atrocities commited under his name is unbelievable. AND THERE IS STILL A FUCKING HOLIDAY IN HIS NAME!Aldous Huxley couldn’t have thought of a worse tomorrow.Nanking A patch of heads are all that remains of the citizens ravaged by Japanese soldiers. An old friend of mine whom I visit in a nursing home still tells me how you could smell burnt flesh. That “It was like overdone meat, very greasy overdone meat.” Though he won’t say it I know from others in the ward he suffers night terrors about the ordeal. He even told me about what he thinks was cannibalism. Soldiers eating the buttocks of women and children as they were tender and fat.”But Tim,”  you say “What about Megumi Yokota and the other japanese citizens kidnapped by Korea?”The Korean government admitted to this wrongdoing, and unlike the Japanese, admitted to this atrocity and didn’t retract it just as soon afterwards.  What they did was reprehensible and cannot be forgiven. But the number of abducted citizens is only in the double digits, and as far as we know none of them have been slaughtered or raped. I do not defend the Korean government for this action, and I do not mean that because the people weren’t killed doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong, but what you’re upset about was the doing of the government, not the citizens. Yet the citizens get the shaft all the same, and in comparison to the wanton destruction and murders perpetrated by the Japanese military these abductions could hardly compete as even a footnote in history. Besides, you can’t pretend Japan doesn’t have spies and most likely didn’t use the same dirty tactics train spies as well, most developed and overly paranoid countries do. Why even our own U.S. has government sanctioned murderers.What it all comes down to is that I do not agree with or pretend to condone the arrogant hatred of other nationalities and aggrandizement of our own. Haven’t we moved passed the need for fascism to unite the people?

Mind the brush strokes

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This website has been set up by a friend of mine after viewing my art. HE felt that putting it on display might be a nice idea. I’m not so sure, so if you find the content to be lackluster be sure to blame him. His name is Billy Rafael, and he’ll be the guy doing most of the scanning and operations on the site. I could go on about how this was all achieved and how setting up this website taught me some cool tricks with a ‘puter, but I’ve got richer land to till.The comic that is posted on this website is something I’ve drawn in my spare time. I started drawing it after  I became afflicted with insomnia and found myself bored at night and energy that needed to be spent. I had never drawn a comic before this really. A lot of the story is very personal, and I seriously debated letting it be seen in a  public forum such as the internet before letting my apathy rule out. The comic was born out of necessity. It has allowed me to work through some pretty damaging memories. This was a personal project with no audience in mind, but if you can extract some entertainment from it be my guest. Having said that, I genuinely hope you enjoy the artwork and commentary this blog will have. Stay pretty.